How to Style a Viking Dress for a Cosplay Event


How to Style a Viking Dress for a Cosplay Event

Introduction: The allure of Viking attire

Ah, the Vikings! Those daring Norse seafarers who conjure images of fierce warriors and long voyages. But it's not just their adventurous spirit that captivates us; it's also their distinct style. So, planning on channeling your inner shieldmaiden or Viking queen at the next cosplay event? Let's get you dressed to impress!

The anatomy of a Viking dress

Core components to consider

A typical Viking dress, known as the "hangerok" is characterized by its apron-like design. Suspended by brooches on the shoulders, it often reaches mid-calf or ankle length. Beneath it, you'd usually find an underdress that's long-sleeved and full-length.

Variations through the ages

While the hangerok remained consistent, other components, like sleeves and necklines, evolved over time. Some versions had detailed embroidery or colored bands.

How to Style a Viking Dress for a Cosplay Event

Selecting the perfect fabric and color

Opt for natural fabrics like wool, linen, or silk. Vikings loved deep shades of red, blue, and brown. They also had access to more muted colors due to natural dyes, so consider them for a more authentic feel.

Accessories to enhance your Viking look


Sturdy leather boots or shoes would be ideal. They'd often be ankle-high, laced, or tied with leather straps.


Ever seen those ornate Viking brooches? They were more than just decorative. Brooches, arm rings, and necklaces often signified status. Add them to make a statement!

Weapons and Shields

While not essential for a dress, carrying a decorative weapon like a sword or an axe can add an edge to your ensemble. Remember, Vikings also prided themselves on craftsmanship, so look for finely detailed replicas.

Accessories to enhance your Viking look

Hairstyling for authenticity

Braids, braids, and more braids! Whether it's a single, long braid or intricate woven patterns, braided hairstyles scream Viking.

Makeup tips for a fierce Viking presence

Keep it earthy and natural. A hint of kohl around the eyes, a light blush, and a muted lip shade should do. For warriors, face paint or symbolic tattoos can enhance the look.

The importance of the cloak

Don't forget the cloak, especially if you're aiming for a chief or warrior look. Made of wool, it's functional and makes a powerful statement.

Hairstyling for authenticity

Personalizing your Viking ensemble

Viking attire varied by region and personal wealth. Add personal touches like embroidery, beads, or fur to truly make it your own.

Where to find inspiration

Movies? TV shows? Museums? Dive into Viking lore and history. See what resonates with you and incorporate those elements.

Practical considerations for the event

Remember, cosplaying is as much about comfort as it is about aesthetics. Ensure your dress is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods and can accommodate the weather.

Style a Viking Dress for a Cosplay Event

Conclusion: Owning the Viking look

Whether you're a fierce warrior or a regal queen, owning your Viking look is about authenticity, attention to detail, and personalization. Follow these guidelines, and you'll be the talk of Valhalla... or, at least, the cosplay event!


1.      Can I use synthetic fabrics for my Viking dress?

·         While natural fabrics are more authentic, if you're on a budget or for comfort reasons, synthetic can work. Just try to get a natural look and feel.

2.      How can I age my dress for a more worn-out look?

·         Consider tea staining or distressing techniques, but do so sparingly.

3.      What's the most iconic Viking jewelry piece?

·         The tortoise brooches are quite iconic and functional for holding up the hangerok.

4.      Were Viking dresses only in dark colors?

·         No, they had a range of colors. However, deeper shades were more common due to the availability of natural dyes.

5.      Is a shield a must-have accessory?

·         Not necessarily, but it can enhance the warrior look. Choose based on your character or personal preference.


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