Avoid these 2023 Trends if you are a Short Girl

Avoid these 2023 Trends if you are a Short Girl

I am short as in just over five feet short and I have some good news unlike recent years there are actually quite a few Trends in 2023 that a short girls can Embrace without feeling like we look frumpy or like clothes are overwhelming our small frames the bad news is that there still are a few trends that we really should avoid because they're not doing us any favors at least if we are Desiring to elongate our petite bodies.

So if you are short like me or if you have shorter legs also like me or if you are an average height and you just want to look taller then I'm going to help you navigate the three trends that you should avoid this year and what you should invest in and wear instead so I’m going to be referencing three articles they’re from Vogue glamor and who what where and I'll link them below if you want to read them over the first Trend.

Trend 1: Oversized Everything

Trend 1 to avoid is the oversized everything Trend glamor reported that the oversized and loose fitting outfits are going to continue to be on the rise in 20 2023that's anything from oversized Blazers extra-large tops flared bottoms and also wide leg jeans now don't get me wrong I actually love oversized pieces but petites need to style them in a very specific way so my tip is to show skin wherever you feel comfortable doing sour mix and match oversized pieces with tight fitting pieces oversized needs to look intentional.

So when wearing oversized clothes be sure that the real you is hiding somewhere in the mix for example I'm going to link these baggy read-on jeans that I'm wearing right now they’re technically a high rise but they’re sitting lower on my waist because they are slightly oversized so if I had combined these with a loose-fitting top it would be completely overwhelming on my frame but because I paired them with something that is more tight fitting on top and I'm exposing a little bit of skin where I feel comfortable then it works even though I’m petite the second Trend to avoid.

Trend 2: The Bigger the Better

Trend 2 the bigger the better better bags Trend how to style and choose a bag with an outfit especially as a petite or just trying to look taller but now Vogue says gone are the days when I want to wear a micro bag that can only fit my lip gloss and my driver's license inside I'm now all about enormous totes and endless amounts of things that I can fit inside them honestly this trend is only for people who are taller than us petites and as a short girl.

if you're going to go purse shopping 99 of the bags on the shelves are already too big on us so on one side of the coin you can choose a standard bag and there you go you're now wearing the big bag trend on the other side of the coin the size of the bag is always going to imply something about your size bags need to be proportionate to the person that is wearing them everybody who is carrying a bag is going to have this issue.

So if you are somebody who just needs a bigger bag in your lifestyle but you don't want it to overwhelm your small frame then you can opt for just that standard size bag or tote and then maybe inside it you could carry a smaller bag for when you need Torun into a store or go to a restaurant but definitely avoid those enormous totes at all costs the third Trend.

Trend 3: On the Knee Trend

Trend 3 avoid is the on the knee Trend so who what where is seeing a Resurgence in knee length skirts they admitted that the pencil skirts have usually been seen as ugly or difficult to get right but they went on to say as seen in the Milan Fashion Week show knee length skirts are making a comeback but in fact they weren't sure as to how long they would actually be a trend or if they would go main stream since

midis are way more popular here's what I know for sure if you need to wear these types of skirts in your lifestyle it's best to just take that length a bit above or below the knee just like in a composition of ardor photography you never want to visually cut yourself at an appendage and this is true with clothing as well because it becomes awkward to the eye and it can stunt your height like an optical illusion and perhaps the most common knee length skirt that we see is a pencil skirt but these are surprisingly

specific to a body shape in order for it to flatter very well and it can be really easy to exaggerate your proportions in ways that you did not intend to or just make it really frankly difficult to move around in which is why I don't like to wear them and that's my review of the three trends that you should avoid if you want to look taller and what you should wear instead for 2023 and remember even more important than looking taller at the end of the day all Trends are okay to adopt if they remain true to your style and your personal taste and we get to decide if a trend is worthy to be included in our wardrobe herbs rather than letting the trend dictate our style every single year.

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