The Art of Lipsticks More than Just Color



The Art of Lipsticks More than Just Color

Lipsticks have always been more than just a makeup accessory. They've been a statement, a form of expression, and a touch of personality added to our faces. But have you ever wondered about their history, science, or even etiquette?

History of Lipsticks

Ancient Civilizations

From Cleopatra's beetle crushed lip shade to the Grecian women's purple lip paints, ancient civilizations had a fascinating affair with lip colors. They symbolized status, power, and allure.

The Victorian Era

Fast forward to the 19th century, and we find the Victorians detesting bold colors. Yet, they secretly tinted their lips with a blend of beeswax and red stains from plants. A cheeky way to add some color, don't you think?

The 20th Century Revolutions

Marilyn Monroe's sultry red lips or the 90s' iconic brown shades, the 20th century saw a lipstick boom. With cinema influencing beauty standards, lipsticks became the go-to accessory for every woman.


The Science Behind the Shades


From waxes to oils, and pigments to emollients, the ingredient list can be extensive. But have you ever thought of them as tiny artists creating a masterpiece on your lips?

The Making Process

Melting, mixing, and molding. It's like baking, but instead of a delicious cake, we get a delectable shade for our lips. Each step ensures the lipstick glides smoothly and lasts longer.


Choosing the Perfect Shade

Skin Undertones

Warm, cool, or neutral? Recognizing your skin's undertone is like knowing your best friend's favorite song. It helps you pick the lipstick shade that sings in harmony with your skin.

Occasion & Attire

A glitzy party or a business meeting? Your lipstick should match the rhythm of the occasion. After all, you wouldn't wear your pajamas to a party, would you?


The Latest Trends

Matte Vs. Glossy

Some like it shine-free, while others love a bit of gloss. It's like coffee; some prefer espresso, while others can't do without their lattes.

Sustainable Lipstick Brands

Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and just as stunning. Today, many brands are embracing sustainable practices. Because why harm when you can charm, right?


Lipstick Etiquette & Tips

Application Tips

Precision is key! Using a lip brush or starting from the center can make all the difference. It's like painting; the right techniques bring the picture to life.


Keeping it Fresh


Just like wine, lipsticks too have a special storage preference. Cool, dry places ensure they remain fresh and vibrant. Remember, nobody likes a melted mess!


Expired lipsticks can be harmful. And just like milk, if it smells odd, it's time to toss it.



Lipsticks, through the ages, have been a symbol of empowerment, expression, and beauty. So, next time you swipe that favorite shade, remember, you're not just adding color but also a piece of history, science, and art to your look.


1.       Why do lipsticks have different textures?
Different ingredients and formulations give rise to varying textures - from creamy to matte.

2.       Can lipsticks expire?
Absolutely! Always check the expiration date and be wary of any changes in smell or texture.

3.       How can I make my lipstick last longer?
Prepping your lips with a primer or using a lip liner can significantly increase its longevity.

4.       Why do some lipsticks dry out my lips?
Some formulations, especially matte ones, can be drying. Always hydrate and exfoliate your lips for a smoother application.

5.       Is it safe to share lipsticks?
It's best not to. Sharing can transfer bacteria and increase the risk of infections.


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